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Here's What Some Users Have To Say

AWESOME APP .To the people below you must not know how to use the app or watched the video when you register... THIS IS SO EASY.. Never a problem with merchants I have used it Panera, Uber, Buffalo Wild WIngs, Petco, Hotels, Chipotle and more... SIMPLE.. . I have earned over $450 in CASH BACK for making a $25 donation. Even the little old lady at Macy’s accepted my  app.. LOVE THIS PROGRAM..

LOVE this app..easy simple... I dontated to my kids team... got the app..I have earned over $375 in less than a year... used the cash back anywhere I wanted at any merchant... and customer support is awesome!!

Very easy to use! 2 months and over $40.00. No problems redeeming at the register. Better than clipping coupons or mailing in rebates.

This is amazing! I love it! Earn cash back and get to pay with my phone! No wallet and don't have to worry about stores having access to my credit card! I love making money!

Finally an app worth downloading

My wife and I gave to a local charity in Atlanta and received access to this particular charitable reward app. We both travel a fair amount for business and we were told that we could get significantly more cash back on airlines, hotels, and rental cars by paying with this app. First, it’s really easy. Second, it really works! My expectations weren’t all that high before I used it (things that sound too good to be true usually are) but when I saw $31 in cash back on my Delta ticket (on top of the 2% I already got from my AMEX), it had my attention. I then booked my hotel and received $38 in extra cash back and my rental car returned an additional $12 in cash back. Are you kidding me? Hello….where has this app been for the last few years? So, in one day booking my normal travel, I’ve accumulated over $80!! My wife will be using the app this weekend. I also had no idea that you could get cash back on so many things outside of travel (it was sold to me more as a travel reward app). It looks like the app has just about every large retailer and restaurant that we need. If there’s some kind of catch, I haven’t seen it. I booked my travel and the cash back went into my account right away. I have a feeling this is going to catch on because it’s free money. I’ll update my review in a month or so… share more experiences as we use the app. But, my first 3 bookings returned some good extra money and it was pretty straightforward. I’m not a “tech person” by any means. So far, it looks like the only thing that you have to lose….is extra money. If you’ve somehow got access to this app, go for it! RFK

This App is Amazing!

My husband and I just bought a house in Georgia and our realtor gave us this app at our closing. She said we’d earn extra cash back as her client on our upcoming basement project. I downloaded her app and put it on my phone. The first time I used it, it was a little scary but OMG has this app ever paid off! My husband and I have made $286.12 in 4-5 weeks, mainly just getting the house right. My husband also purchased an airline ticket and I used it at Chipotle. It takes a small extra step but it’s easy, and so worth it! They’ve got almost every store where we shop and eat (except Target, PLEASE get Target!). This app might be the most useful app on my phone right now. Thanks to my agent Jenny for introducing me to this App!

Love it!

This app is great! I thought I'd earn a couple of bucks, but in just a short time, I've already earned over $145! I use it all the time!

This Christmas season I've already put $307 of extra cash money into my account. And this was shopping I was going to be doing anyway. This app is really incredible.

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